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K(AI) is collection of 2500 NFTs that comes with utilities such as passive earning and governance on the BNB Chain.
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Hold. Vote. Earn.

K(AI) on BSC is a fully community-driven project that allows holders to earn passive income by holding NFTs.

Each NFT is also a governance token that allows holders to vote on decisions that impact the project.

In addition, the community-driven nature of the project means that users can have a direct say in its future direction.

K(AI) on BSC is an innovative way to earn passive income, and it provides users with a unique opportunity to be actively involved in the project's development.

How do we use AI in this project? Well, the text you just read are written by AI.

Tokenomics during minting

Passive earning

  • 5% of minting fees reflected to all NFT's equally. The more NFT you have in the wallet the bigger reflection you get. Total 7,5 BNB.

Marketplace commission (6%)

  • 2% to holders
  • 2% to community wallet (DAO)
  • 2% to team


  • 7,5 BNB will be airdropped to holders.
  • 20 NFTs will be airdropped to holders.

Voting and governance

  • After minting is done governance and voting will begin (by using Snapshot).
  • Vote on the future and the next project.


Where can I find the smart contract?
Can you add me on the whitelist?

There wont be any whitelisting, everyone will have the same chance to mint a K(AI). This is a limited collection of 2500 NFTs. Don't miss your chance!

How much do I pay to mint?

The cost to mint one NFT is 0.05 BNB, remember to also have a little extra for the gas cost. You can mint 60 NFT per transaction.

Will this project fade away?

Hell no! I'm putting my energy and time into this, I want to make this is into a project that last over several NFT project and with an active community, I'm curious to see what the community want the next NFT project to become! I'm not going anywhere.

Why BNB Chain? Ethereum/Solana is better?

BNB Chain has been my home ever since I started doing crypto, it's where I feel at home and I truly believe this chain will become huge within NFT, this is just the beginning. Join us!

How many NFT will be mintable? Will any be kept?

2500 NFT will be minted in total, 100 NFT will be minted and kept for airdrop and giveaways during the project.